Google SEO Services

Google SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has become it’s own science or art form. Google SEO is about knowing what Google sees as most relevant. When billions enter their keywords, you want your site at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page); preferably in the top six – or “above the fold” as it is called. And that is exactly what our Google SEO Services offers.

Google had it’s beginnings as part of Stanford University’s website in 1996. September 15, 1997 the domain name was started. The company was incorporated September 4, 1998, and started it’s life Susan Wojcicki’s Menlo Park garage. According to Alexa, in May 2011, Google surpassed one billion unique visitors. If you are looking to establish a vital web presence, you are really trying to to establish a presence with Google SEO.

You get web traffic with Google SEO by using how Google ranks pages to get your relevant information, products, and services to people who want them all over the world. For each keyword entered into the Google search box on its main page, its toolbar, its own browser, or on numerous websites that have incorporated its searches Google uses several methods to asses and deliver what their users want. A large part of this is about placement or presence of the keywords actually searched. It also takes into account outgoing and incoming links, relevancy of those links, meta tags and other meta data, user language, and many other thing – using things called “algorithms,” “web crawlers,” and “spiders.” Google SEO is starting to sound like some kind of cheesy horror flick!

Have you got all that figured out? Well, we’re not done yet. In February 2011 Google released the Panda Update; they released the Penguin update at the end of April 2012. Google SEO seems to be leaving the horror genre for the zoo business. Google now punishes duplicate content, whereas before popular content ranked higher on their SERPs. Now unique content goes to the top of the list. They also starting trying to reduce undeserved high rankings by those using what are called “black-hat SEO” tactics. These are cheap tricks used by underhanded web developers to boost their rank. They are also ranking based on entire sites rather than just by page,and taking quality and ease-of-use into effect. It seems Google SEO is more complex almost by the day.

So how can you do business online or manage a successful website and keep up with all this Google SEO stuff? Who has time for all this? The answer is very simple. Search Engine Optimization has become a business entirely in it’s own right, and there are professionals who work on getting high page rankings as their full-time day job. They do their job well, for a reasonable price, so you can focus on yours. In a world that is online more than ever, and more than we would have imagined, your visibility on Google should never be left to chance. Google SEO is vitally important to any website’s success.