What is SEO?

In order to understand what ethical SEO is, so as to also get a grasp of what our Ethical SEO Services are, we first need to understand the term SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique for increasing the volume of traffic to a website by getting the website a higher rank on the result page of a search engine. If the website appears within the first 5 – 10 results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), it is more likely to be visited by the internet user, for he will look at only the higher ranked results.

Not surprisingly, this has led to the development of certain malpractices in order to get a higher rank with blatant disregard for the quality of content on the website. For e.g. using a certain keyword for an unnecessarily large number of times will get the website a higher rank, more so if that word is concentrated in the initial part of the article. Such a technique will generate greater number of visitors to the website and, therefore, greater revenue. This is not bad in itself. But when this is done at the cost of quality of the overall web content, the entire purpose of search engines will be defeated, for the internet user will be cheated.

What is Ethical SEO?

Ethical SEO is the use of SEO techniques that are in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the Search Engine Webmaster. These guidelines ensure that the internet user gets the desired information with the minimum loss of time. The website is benefitted as it faces lesser risk of being banned or penalized by the webmaster. All search engines have their own set of such guidelines.

The following aspects will make a website an ethical SEO service:

  • Keywords used only for an optimum number of times so that the keyword does not appear unnatural and unnecessary. Use of keywords should blend with the flow of the content and serve to enrich it
  • Relevant and knowledgeable content that is completely related to the topic or the keyword. Non ethical SEOs stuff the articles with the keyword while the content is absolutely unrelated to the keyword. Sometimes, the content is only loosely related to the keyword and this too is not ethical
  • Limited number of links in the web content that are closely related to the keyword and that put the entire discussion in a better perspective. Anything more, and it does not remain an ethical SEO service and is geared only towards increase in revenue
  • No hidden links that get accidentally clicked and interrupt the reading making the whole experience unforgettable

Internet users, website owners, search engine administrators, and the entire web community are all stakeholders in the maintenance of a knowledgeable, spam free internet. Therefore, all of us should be equally committed to ethical SEO services. In the long term, those who remain ethical stand to gain and vice versa.