Technical manuals have been needed more and more often due to the increase of technological devices used. There is a problem though, most of these manual are not easily understood for being too long or difficult to read. Often the grammar is not entirely correct and there is a poor sentence structure. A well written technical manual is supposed to be easily understood by the user; he/she should be capable of understanding it easily without the need to get additional help form people at the company’s call center.

Basically technical manuals are documents to provide information for the installation, maintenance, operation and use of devices or products; this information is to be provided to the consumer, the person who purchased the product. These manuals could apply to toys, industrial goods, vehicles and much more. if they are not written in the proper manner, users will not be able to understand them correctly and thus will call the company for assistance; this in addition to complaints from the customers. It is essential to have a well written manual for a product.

Before writing a technical manual, first interview the experts involved in its design or production since they will be able to provide very thorough information as to the operation of the product for example; they can also explain what features are meaningful for the customer. Whenever a technical item is bought it is intended to make some task easier to perform, and seek this when purchasing a technical product; they are not too concerned about very specific details of the product.

The idea behind a technical manual is to address the main function, to explain what the problem that this product solves is. Most manuals have lots of pages explanation each and every technical detail of the product; they do not explain why is it that a consumer needs to get this product. Be clear and explain why is it that customers should care about this product or its features.

It is essential that the way the text is written helps the consumer; explanations should not be long and be kept simple. Illustrations help in the understanding of the manual. Keep in mind that the key issue for people is to use the product properly and correctly, not to read the manual for amusement.


Remember to edit the manual and remove any solution too technical. Make sure that the writing is kept simple, readable and understandable; you can ask another person who is not experienced in the product to take a look at the manual; this will provide insight as to how a consumer would see the product.