As a technical writer myself, I have written many different materials and as time goes by and from all the experiences I have gain,  I think there are certain things which every technical writer needs to consider if he/she wants to be a successful technical writer.

1. Asking Precise Questions:

It is necessary to ask precise questions to the correct person; this is like an instinct that is present in investigative reporters. It is not expected from a technical writer that he/she knows everything about the subject. This is why it is important that the writer asks the correct questions since this is an excellent way to learn about the subject and set a level of trust among the team members interviewed who are valued for their expertise.

2. A technical Writer should Detach Himself from the Website Being reviewed

It is required to detach oneself from the website at the time of writing services reviews. This is not a simple task to do, since it is common for writers to react negatively at the mere thought of corrections on out writing. Over school years this has been a synonym of performing in a non-satisfactory manner, not understanding the material correctly and the necessity to improve and do better next time. It is necessary that what are being criticized are the documents and not the writer, this will provide a better chance of writing successful technical documents instead of being underestimated and unrewarded as a writer.

3. Having a Good Grasp of the Subject Matter

In order to perform a good technical writing document, it is necessary to have a complete grasp on the principles of the subject matter. Even though at times some clients might under look the activities of a technical writer, it is up to you the writer to come up with a well written and structured technical document that will impress the client. Technical writing has evolved over time and has regulations of its own. A technical writer seeks for information and opportunities for professional growth. He/she fights to live the principles of his/her profession providing value into the writing.

4. A Good Technical Writer Should be Impartial

It is also required to be impartial and to be a good negotiator. There are different points of view and decisions in the relations between people. You will need to know when to defend your stand, when to negotiate and when to agree to someone else’s terms. This is extremely important and it is not an easily taught skill; it takes time and patience and consistent trying. This achievement will however help you, since people will see you as competent and thus will respect your opinion and points of view highly.

5. A Good Technical Writer Should Have Passion for His/Her Profession

One of the most important elements in technical writing is to have passion for the profession. Just like every other profession, technical writing even more than the other needs a lot of passion and dedication on the part of the writer, since in order for your writing to stand out and impress, it will need to have some “parts of you” in it. The writer who commences a project with this feeling will most likely convey the same sensation to the reader. There are writers who only accept projects that produce this to them. I would rather evaluate the project individually based on its pros, knowing how important each element is. My excitement does not change regardless of the type of document. Just like the popular game Jenga, if one piece is incorrectly placed, the entire project can crumble down.